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Steffy and Liam reminisced about all their memories and hugged on the couch when Ivy came home from shopping. Also Steffy and Liam one night have sex. Steffy forbids Eric from being with Quinn. Aly went off about the morals that her grandmother and grandfather instilled in this company and how they're being forgotten. Steffy stated there's only one person she wants to kiss, if he still wants her. Wyatt calls Steffy to come over to his beach house. Royal Fans And Critics React To Devastating Meghan Markle Miscarriage News – Meghan & Harry, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Supports Young Boy Who Is Drawing Attention For His ‘She’s Not Your Rehab’ Video, ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer) Shares Tribute To…, ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katrina Bowden (Flo Fulton) Has Another New Film…, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Fans Don’t Want To See Bill And…, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)…. The receptionist tells Liam that they cannot give Flo's information to him, but tells him that he can call Dr. Cortez. Die Kanadese aktrise het op sosiale media verklap dat hul gesin uitbrei. Steffy admit she's still in love with him! Steffy explains to Ivy that she is using blackmail which is illegal. Phoebe lashed out at Rick and the car crashed causing Phoebe's death. Liam is on the balcony at Eric's mansion and overhears Thomas and Flo arguing about keeping a secret from Hope. S34 E14. They spent their first night together. Steffy walks out of the house with a new confidence. Wyatt tells Quinn he is going to propose to Ivy which she isn't thrilled about. Steffy is stunned at first. Bill claims they're shining stars in his cloudy life. Eric and Quinn plan to get married at the Forrester Mansion in front of their friends and family. She has an older brother named Thomas and she has a younger half-brother named R.J from Ridge Forrester and a younger Legal Maternal half-brother named Jack Marone from Taylor Hayes. Steffy immediately calls 9-1-1 and begins administering CPR. However on the 4th of July, Liam tells Steffy that Hope is pregnant with his child. Ridge announced to everybody the new line "California Freedom" which uses a lot of the morals and dignity of Hope For The Future but encourages women to be free with lines including lingerie and swimwear. Liam and Steffy continued to talk and laugh. Hope reveals to Steffy that Taylor told her colleague that she was looking for a child for her daughter to raise. Wyatt takes Liam down to the path to the beach and shows him the way to Steffy sitting on the beach. Which lead to her being depressed and blaming herself. Ivy keeps labeling Steffy as a murderer but Liam explains there was a rock and she can't see it in that angle. Caroline is ecstatic to hear the news and Ridge gives Wyatt his blessing. When Liam tore them up, ad kissed her, Steffy realized she still had a chance, and they continued grow close. Steffy and Ivy apologize to each other. Liam had a minute with Ivy and broke up with her at Aly's funeral which greatly upset her while Wyatt had a second with Steffy to guess that Liam's dropping the bomb on Ivy right now. Liam stated he wished there was another way and Ivy stated maybe there is. Thorne comes downstairs, explaining he found out about the pictures and explains Aly's anger and hatred but she can be a good, happy person. Maya doesn't want to talk about the past." Steffy is sad about Liam moving out of their house, but tries to win Liam back. By Taylor Hancen Rios On Dec 20, 2020. When Liam and Hope lost their baby Beth Spencer, Steffy is there to support Liam and Hope, and attends the funeral. Ivy confided in Aly who was uninformed about the surprise wedding. In Paris, Steffy ignored Liam's voice mails and texts and was surprised weeks later when Liam showed up on her doorstep wanting answers. Steffy becomes very nervous about Ivy and confides that in Thomas. Eric and Quinn successfully get married with Perez Hilton as their officiate. Having been told by Quinn that Sheila might have a gun in her purse, Steffy shot Sheila when she thought Sheila was reaching for it, not knowing Sheila was trying to produce the electric razor Eric had sent her for. Ivy claims there is no rock in the video and calls Steffy a murderer. Aly went to confront Steffy who was having Liam feel her lingerie for the line. Sembra che i bambini a Beautiful non bastino mai: la curva demografica si sta alzando negli ultimi anni e, presto, potrebbe aggiungersi un nuovo pupo. Aly blasted both of them by saying Taylor and Steffy are both sluts and use their sexuality to get whatever they want. Wyatt overhears Ridge and Steffy beg Carter to keep it a secret. Liam told Bill that Ivy's on the plan and Bill got enraged that Liam tell another Forrester. Steffy and Ridge were initially concerned but Wyatt backed her up and Thomas spoke up and agreed that Ivy would be better because people are still talking about the incident with Aly. They are interrupted by Liam who walks over insisting that he saw Quinn. Quinn leaves a note in Hope's bedroom before her wedding with Liam that Liam wanted her to meet him in the cabin despite tradition. Steffy informs him how she pulled Aly out of the car and Aly attacked her and she slipped and fell and died. Steffy talks and confronts her about ruining her family's life and hers and hopes that she spends her life on jail. Hope tells her that the colleague was the doctor who kidnapped Phoebe. Steffy Forrester è nota al pubblico italiano per essere una protagonista di Beautiful ma vediamo chi è nella vita reale e riveliamo qualche interessante curiosità su di lei. and an Deceased son Aspen Forrester-Spencer both with Liam Spencer. When Steffy see's her wedding dress that Bill picked out, Steffy decides not to go through with the wedding. Hope finally reveals to Steffy that Phoebe is Beth. Initially, in my mind, it was like, ‘Doesn’t this take a year, or at least a few months?’ And it was like, ‘No. One day Liam gave into his feelings and kissed Steffy which Hope saw. Spectra won the duel by popular vote, but Bill decided to call it a tie out of bitterness against Spectra. Steffy later tells Liam that he did not tried to kill Bill, when he had a vision of him shooting his father. The actress also admits that leaving her storyline behind to go home to her family at the end of the day hasn’t always been easy. Bill realized that Liam still had unresolved feelings, and hinted the tide could turn in Steffy's favor, so Steffy attended. Liam states that it's wrong of Steffy to make Ivy do this and that Ivy and Steffy have both made mistakes. Liam dials 9-1-1 and Ivy is taken to the hospital. Wyatt tells her he's staying on the couch. Steffy and Wyatt share some wine and Steffy vents to Wyatt about Liam and Wyatt understands and agrees. He sees a man in the dark and hits him over the head with a shovel. They woke on the roof of the club, and Liam was sporting dyed hair and a tattoo. Here’s what she has to say. When Donna Logan took over at Forrester, Steffy dug up dirt and found out that Donna was Marcus' birth mother. Liam admits to Eric he has feelings for Steffy and that he wishes Quinn would just break them up. When Steffy tries to explain and begs for his forgiveness Liam storms out the house and leaves Steffy crying. Quinn convinces Steffy to go back to L.A. and to meet with Liam in the cabin. The following year, Taylor revealed that long ago she had slept with James Warwick, which torpedoed her marriage to Ridge. Wyatt takes selfies of Steffy and her glass of champagne. Liam told Ridge that Bill would sell his shares to him, so Bill would have no part of the company. The four arrive at the Summit where they are accompanied by their friend, Eva, who is a publicist. She can fry it up in a pan, but will she ever get her own man? Katie was badgering Steffy to leave Hope and Liam alone which led Steffy to faint so Katie took her to the hospital to see Dr. Caspary. Steffy thinks about telling the police but Thomas insists she keeps it a secret since she's not guilty and if she changes her story, she'll get arrested. Steffy discovers that it was her mother Taylor who shot Bill when she confessed to her, and almost tried to shoot Bill again. Liam goes into the bathroom and turns on the sink which splashes water everywhere and Liam slips and falls unconscious. Steffy stopped Liam from getting on a plane with her divorce news and happily accepted Liam's proposal. Miscarried her son in a motorcycle accident (2013). Wyatt sets up a picnic for the two of them and they laugh and eat food. Steffy edged the Logans out by dividing the company's stock equally between Ridge, Stephanie, Eric Forrester and Taylor. Steffy keeps trying to convince Wyatt to delete the video and he complies with her. Liam talks to Steffy and thanks her for being a mother figure to Beth, but tells her that Hope was robbed out of being Beth's mother for months. Liam goes on to say that this man did it because of a gambling debt. Thorne asks where his daughter is. Meanwhile, Ivy told Liam she was encouraging Wyatt to ask Steffy out. As Steffy was trying to work things out with Aly, Ridge stopped in to mention the meeting is in ten minutes. Steffy is angry with Thomas and he informed her about the blackmail and the video. After the … However Steffy tells Liam that Bill did not rape her and that they had consensual sex.Liam angrily berates Steffy for taking Bills side over his, and wanting to get back at him for kissing Sally. Of course, we are talking about Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and the strong possibility that Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) might take her daughter Kelly away from her. Share. Sick of Hope's immaturity and taking her desire for Liam into her own hands, Steffy decided to take Liam for herself and accepted. Steffy listens to the message and is very upset. Ivy agrees to drop the restraining order under one condition. Liam get suspicious of Flo and asks Wyatt to talk to her more, who then reveals to him that Flo said she never had a child but cleared it up with him. Ivy stops him and tells him it can never happen again. At the after party, Ivy goes up to Aly's room to find her and is shocked to find the collage on Steffy and Maya pictures crossed out and scribbled on. Dec 31, 2020. Ridge insisted this is bigger than her getting Liam back and him getting CEO. I really need to be in the scene.”. Wyatt and Steffy are confused while Ivy and Liam don't say a word and stare at each other. This happens very quickly for a lot of people.’”, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester) Knows How To Do Her Homework, Jacqueline also makes it no secret that this storyline has definitely been one of her more difficult ones to play. Wyatt convinces her that it's time to move on. As they walked around, Liam stated he's still trying to sort out his feelings but his feelings for Steffy are coming back. Worked with her brother Thomas to keep Liam from seeing Hope in Cabo San Lucas (2012). Hope stops by to tell Steffy that her and Liam are getting an annulment, and that she can have Liam. Steffy explaining she and Liam have history, and Ivy explaining she thought Steffy would be a fun person to hang out with coming back to L.A., but this was unbelievable. Wyatt climbs on her bed and tells her he thinks they're meant to be together. Thomas confronts Ivy and tells her to stay away from Steffy and that it's not her fault. Ridge, who didn't like Rick from the beginning, was enraged and blamed Rick for Phoebe's death. After Thomas saved Sally from a prison sentence, Steffy was secretly relieved. Steffy attends Hope and Liam's wedding along with her mother, to show the family unity and understanding. At the conference, Ridge was leaning on choosing Steffy when Ivy stated she'd like to give it a shot. Liam and Wyatt trap Quinn in a closet in the cabin. Steffy then warned him she likes that chair. However one day Bill stops by and blackmails Steffy into being with him by signing the annulment papers, and to not have her mother arrested for shooting him. His ability to read Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) demeanor, so early into their relationship status, represents more than chemistry. Steffy is surprised when Liam decides not to press charges against Quinn, because Wyatt asked him to. Eric and Quinn sign their marriage license while Eric recovers at the Forrester Mansion. Computer tech Liam Spencer mistakenly recorded Steffy talking to Ridge about Brooke's betrayal. December 1, 2020 Kelly Joyner 7267 Views Steffy Forrester Bold and the Beautiful spoilers confirm that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will be pregnant and unsure of paternity again, based on the latest intel. Liam found his relationship with Hope less than fulfilling considering her obsession with being a "role-model" for abstinence and remaining celibate until marriage, something Liam did not agree with. Steffy di Beautiful: chi è nella realtà? Also for manipulating Hope and Douglas's grief. Steffy then realizes that Phoebe is Beth, and tries to convince Hope to not take Beth away from her. Rick arrived in his office giving them a hard time. Overtime Steffy and Hope bond over getting Liam to come home, and when Bill was shot. They remembered their time in Aspen by a stream. When Katie gave her sisters leadership positions in the company, Steffy launched an all out war against the entire Logan family. Liam convinced her she's strong, and independent, and a fighter! Quinn refuses to break up with Eric and tells Steffy she wishes that she and her son can work through this. Steffy informs her she knows about the video. But Ivy asks if he ever thinks about what could've happened and Liam says he does. Steffy takes Phoebe and Kelly to Paris when Hope starts to become too attached to Phoebe, and wanting Hope and Liam to work on their marriage. Steffy shocked them all by riding up the aisle on a motorcycle, wearing a black dress/suit ensemble that she had gotten Eric to design. Steffy switches tactics with Liam to keep him from divulging their secret to Hope. Brooke and Taylor are great enemies and fought over Ridge for many years. Liam was upset that out of all people it was Wyatt. When it was evident Katie wasn't in Aspen, Steffy and Liam found time to go parasailing together. Steffy was furious when Sally stole Forrester designs by planting cameras in the jewelry of her sister, Forrester intern Coco Spectra; Steffy felt for Coco, but insisted that Sally be arrested. Steffy and Hope agree to put their children first, and to show that they can be a blended family. Bill once again persuades Steffy that they belongs together after she tells him about Hope and Liam. Steffy arrived at Liam's in a skimpy bikini and a towel around her waist which she took off. Wyatt is happy to see her okay. Hope remained loyal to Wyatt and Steffy flew back to Paris. After Eric wouldn't appoint Ridge as CEO, Ridge called Steffy on the phone to meet him at Forrester. In a new interview with Soap Opera Digest, the beautiful brunette admits that she did research the opioid crisis and prescription pain addiction for her storyline. But Wyatt picks up an orange envelope with the divorce papers in them and gives them to her to sign. Steffy is shocked that Dr. Buckingham is the one who kidnapped Phoebe and sold her a baby. Liam is forced to fly to Australia and get a flight back to Los Angeles. Steffy said she's sorry that she forgot but she tried. ridge stated Eric loved him and treated him just like a son. Wyatt and Ivy invite Bill and Katie over to propose the idea. She started in the shipping department, where she met Marcus Forrester. Steffy tries being nice to Aly and involving her but Aly is trying to hold back her hatred. Thorne asks where she is and Steffy stated "She's gone". Bill tells Liam in front of Steffy, Wyatt, and Katie to respect his brother's marriage and move on, while Katie tries to get Liam to understand. Steffy tells Liam all he has to do is come home tonight if he still wants to be with her. When Steffy wants to keep Phoebe still, and fears that she may be sued, she tries to call Carter. Ridge is happy that Steffy did not marry Bill, and got his shares. During the week of December 28-January 1, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) will be floored by Brooke Forrester’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) generous offer.. Brooke will extend a peace offering by suggesting Thomas should move in the mansion, where she currently … Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for December 14 to 25, 2020. In shock, Steffy threw the tire iron away. Ivy asked Liam to schedule a date for them some time, just do nothing and be very boring, nothing special. Aly asked if she could come and Ridge allowed her to. Steffy earned a promotion to Head of Public Relations. And she'd have to register for another passport which could take months or years if that. While talking to Bill, Wyatt takes his shirt off to take a shirtless selfie for Steffy because she asked Caroline to be her maid of honor before Wyatt asked Bill to be his best man. Steffy cried of sorrow and Ivy came out of her car and cried and Steffy explains what happened and that Aly attacked her. When Steffy flew home to tell Liam about their baby, she decided to keep mum after Liam asked for more time to decide between she and Hope and asked Steffy to move out. December 1, 2020 Kelly Joyner 7267 Views Steffy Forrester Bold and the Beautiful spoilers confirm that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will be pregnant and unsure of paternity again, based on the latest intel. If you have been watching CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful over the last two weeks, you have witnessed the compelling and important storyline unfold with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) at its epicenter. Steffy and Wyatt have a laser removal doctor come to Forrester to remove Steffy's tattoo, which is only half complete. Wyatt tells Steffy he knows it wasn't her fault Ivy fell down the stairs. Ridge, who had relocated to Paris, wanted Steffy to visit. Liam wants Steffy back and Ivy mentioned she's being deported. Liam enters and is filled in but still wants to fund a foundation. They also continued to grow closer. She was named after her paternal grandmother, Stephanie Douglas. Steffy tells Liam she doesn't want Ivy contacting him at all. Wyatt states they need money for his future kids with Steffy. Hope tells Steffy that Phoebe was stolen. When Steffy kicks Bill out, she falls and goes into labor. The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers tease that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is going to find herself slipping back into something familiar…her attraction to Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton).. As B&B viewers know, Liam has just witnessed a horrible scene over at Thomas Forrester’s (Matthew Atkinson) apartment. Wyatt persuades Bill and Steffy to market Steffy's face on social media for Spencer Publications, which Steffy agrees to. Wyatt enters her room and asks her if she wants to go swimming but didn't realize she was sleeping. Attempts To End Bridge/Tridge Love Triangle, Exposing the "Broliver" Scandal and Rivalry with Hope, Return to L.A. and Controlling Forrester Creations, Truth Revealed and the birth of her daughter Kelly, Calling off Engagement with Liam and Almost marrying Bill, Adopting Phoebe Forrester ll and leaving for Paris. Wyatt arrives at the beach house and comforts Steffy who is losing hope. Quinn eavesdrops on Ivy telling Liam she's still in love with him at Forrester. Steffy tells Liam that if he wants to be with her, all he has to do is come to the beach house. The fashion designer still hasn’t woken up after being hit by Bill Spencer’s car… but it looks like that’s all about to change. Steffy gets pregnant its Liam's baby because we know steffy is pregnant for real — Linda Collins (@Lcoll79969Linda) December 1, 2020 'The Bold … Wyatt tells Quinn to take a plane ticket back to LA and leave them alone. At a Halloween party, Thomas pushes Ivy out of the way of a crashing spotlight from the ceiling. When Steffy returns home with Kelly from her doctors appointment. Ivy was a bit jealous and Steffy excitedly greeted Ivy who was equally happy to see her. Bill was engaged to Katie Logan, but had an undeniable attraction to Steffy and didn't mind when she kissed him. Ivy asked what's wrong with her look and Quinn didn't care for them. Unlike Steffy's Aspen wedding to Liam, Steffy's family was in attendance (except for Ridge). Wyatt explained he told her to give them a chance, right after he kissed her. Steffy didn't want him to explain anything at first but after he did she had mixed feelings. Sensing that Liam was still undecided about his feelings, Bill sent him and Steffy to Cabo San Lucas. Steffy agrees that Liam could have been mistaken. Steffy made an instant enemy in fledgling designer Sally Spectra, the namesake grandniece of infamous knockoff queen Sally Spectra. Ivy was pulling up in her car and was shocked to see Aly and Steffy. When Liam chose to make a home with Steffy and their baby, she offered to let Liam go if he wasn't absolutely sure. The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers and rumors indicate that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will once again be dishonest with her boyfriend. Steffy agrees with Hope, and is shocked when Hope tells her that she wants to help her to win Liam back. Bill comes by to inform Steffy that Liam cheated on her with Hope, by showing a picture of them in a compromising position. Aly snapped at Steffy for exploiting her sexuality in a public place. Rick boasted about it to Ridge who was secretly recording the conversation. Attacked multiple times and nearly killed by her cousin, Aly (2015). Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester (formerly Spencer) is a fictional character and has Emerged as one of Leads on the American soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Ivy models for Wyatt at the beach house but feels insecure about strutting in front of millions of viewers. Steffy and Thomas worked to keep Liam and Hope from seeing each other, but the attempt backfired, leading to an ATV chase in which Steffy was seriously injured. Liam warns Thomas about hurting Hope. Liam tells Steffy in private that he will try his best to respect her marriage but he will always have feelings for her. Rick punched Bill and withdrew from the deal. Steffy announces to Liam that she and Bill are getting married, and that she is providing a future for her daughter even if it means to give up on love. The next day Liam tells Steffy that he still love Hope even when they had sex, and has to tell Hope. Steffy calls Liam on her cell phone but he does not pick up. Ivy returns stating she's the new Face of Forrester making Quinn wonder. Steffy and Wyatt arrives at her beach house where she finds Quinn holding a spatula. Steffy said she's done with Liam because she won't share him with another woman again, especially not his wife! Plus More Shocking Reveals! Got addicted to pain medication (August to Dec 2020). The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers tease that in Los Angeles Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) will corner Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) during the week of December 28. Steffy was disappointed when Bill married Katie and outraged when he made her CEO of Forrester. Wyatt informs Liam that he is the reverend who married them. At the hospital, Liam wanted an annulment when a guilt ridden Steffy confessed her deceptions in Aspen and Cabo. Because we do film so quickly, you don’t have that time to go into your trailer and put some music on, put your headphones on and gradually get to that dark place. After awaking in the front lawn Steffy goes back in the house, and Katie comes by for work. Aly asked if Steffy was going to model for the lingerie and Aly snapped at ridge for letting his daughter being viewed in underwear. The flight takes off while Liam's stuck in the bathroom. Liam pitches the idea of taking a portion of Spencer's profits to donate to charities to fix major world issues. Afterwards Steffy enjoys having Liam home, and being a mother. Thomas confronts Ivy a second time and explains he didn't tell Steffy about the video because he didn't want to scare her. Steffy makes clear that her vows to Wyatt were real and the love they share is real. But it was game on for Steffy when Thomas and Sally decided Spectra needed to get in on the event; Steffy vowed to best Spectra and modeled for a calendar teasing the showing. However, Steffy overhears Thomas and Ivy talking about what happened that night. Having suffered another concussion (on top of the concussions she'd had before), Steffy didn't remember being pregnant. Subscribe ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers finds that star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester) says that she hit the books and interviewed people in preparation for her character’s pain pill addiction storyline. © 2021 - Daily Soap Dish. Wyatt and Steffy share another kiss. Steffy and Liam slept in Liam's bed although Steffy still carries the guilt. Ivy claims she's trying to prove justice for Aly. Steffy believes Ivy is committed to Wyatt. Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Wakes Up in the Hospital. Steffy and Wyatt cuddle in bed. Characters Steffy Brooke Quinn Hope Zoe Katie Flo Shuana Liam Donna Pam Paris Sally Taylor Maya Tiffany Emma Ivy Nicole Caroline Coco Rick Darlita Sheila Sasha Xander Aly MORE Eric tells Quinn he's glad she came and she made him very happy. — SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) December 30, 2020. B&B spoilers reveal that Liam had no problem sleeping with Steffy when he was convinced that he was being betrayed by Hope. Wyatt states he can do that as a friend. New ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester) Knows How To Do Her Homework. Liam calls Steffy but her phone's in the car. Wyatt asks Steffy to move in with him in which she agrees after she had just moved back into the Forrester Mansion. However Steffy is unaware that Thomas spiked Liam's drink so that he can willing have sex with her. Steffy and Liam made love and Steffy later found out she was pregnant. Wyatt admits that he found him online. At the photo shoot for Ivy's lingerie line, Liam stops the shoot. Rick and Eric were getting nervous that Steffy, Ridge, and Liam were going to use Ridge's, Steffy's, Thomas's, and Bill's shares to take over Forrester Creations. Fractured broken ribs and sprained her back in a motorcycle accident (August 2020). 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