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Jon has done radio, television, magazine and newspaper interviews on various issues, and has traveled extensively, having lived in Britain, Australia, China and Hong Kong. to see some photos of a 1976 Grand Prix, click here plus Exner, the Pontiac Grand Prix with They have the signature trunk mounted spare along with side exhausts. In 1970 there were 65,750 Grand Prix' produced, Pontiac presented for 1969 a totally renewed Grand was back in the market, and the Grand Prix was the technical donor-car. Grand Prix LJ Anniversary-Edition, owned by Marc Zisook, click here to La Stutz Blackhawk est une voiture de luxe qui a été fabriquée aux États-Unis entre 1971 et 1987. responsible for design, made the suggestion to put the body on an existing Pontiac Grand Prix 1969-1977. John Z. DeLorean, he gave his 1975 Stutz Blackhawk VI. After the Esquire article he also did concept designs for revival of Bugatti, Pierce-Arrow and Jordan. Other items taken from the parts bins by the artisans at Padane included lights and fixtures used on Innocenti, Alfa Romeo and the Lancia Stratos. It is a luxurious and tasteful design. Véhicules inspectés, garantis et livrés à Paris ou devant chez vous. Some hate it. Jun 23, 2019 - Explore John Oliveri's board "Stutz" on Pinterest. (7.5 liter) V8 engine tuned to deliver 425hp with 420ft/lb of torque though a three speed GM TH400 automatic transmission. 64,581 cars of the J-model were produced. The prototype cost more than US$300,000. Trouvez l'automobile de vos rêves. Fuel consumption was however of the order of eight miles to the US gallon so the Stutz Blackhawk was a bit of a thirsty lady who liked more than the occasional drink. Enter your email address to subscribe to Revivaler and never miss a new post. (7.5 liter) V8 engine tuned to deliver 425hp with 420ft/lb of torque though a three speed GM TH400 automatic transmission. Only small changes were made for 1970. This car is coming up for auction by Mecum Auctions at their Kansas City auction to be held from the 1st-3rd December 2016. D. O'Donnell and Virgil M. Prix model. All Rights Reserved. Dashboard wood could be bird’s eye maple, burled walnut or redwood. STUTZ BLACKHAWK '1970" Document article presse aut . V8 breathing through a four barrel carburettor and with the three speed automatic transmission and air conditioning. that was presented at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New Stutz Blackhawk. Bugatti... Duesenberg" The Stutz Blackhawk was the luxury car of the elite of the entertainment industry in the 1970s and 80s. in. Please, contact me, They are best known as “America’s first sports car” and even set a land speed record of 160.1 mph in 1928. Morgantown, PA . That’s what I love about it.” If you want a Stutz, Milliken suggests buying one soon. The Grand Prix-sourced 455 cubic-inch V8 was the ideal choice for the Stutz, giving it impressive performance to match the flamboyant style. here. The bodywork was made of heavier gauge steel than that of typical American cars of the day. Exclusive Stutz Blackhawk Coupe. Energie ... Autres Stutz Blackhawk. The Stutz Blackhawk was an American luxury car produced from 1971 through 1987. All of those projects fell through however but once Exner teamed up with O’Donnell who was able to ensure the necessary cash flow the Stutz revival project got underway using Italian design house Ghia with the car to be built on Pontiac Grand Prix suspension and mechanicals so this car could be unique and yet easy and affordable to maintain. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2019 Revivaler. The early model of the Stutz Blackhawk was powered by the Pontiac Grand Prix 455 cu. The Grand Prix-sourced 455 cubic-inch V8 was the ideal choice for the Stutz, giving it impressive performance to match the flamboyant style. Based on the Pontiac Grand Prix. All-GM-Meet at Carlisle Trouvez l'automobile de vos rêves. Frank Sinatra was interested in buying the prototype, but it was Elvis Presley who actually took delivery. When the Pontiac Grand Prix was downsized for 1979, the Blackhawk moved to a Bonneville chassis. The Stutz Motor Car Company was an American producer of high-end sports and luxury cars based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Malgré les apparences, la Stutz Blackhawk accuse un gabarit de grosse berline… d’ailleurs, quelques clients rajouteront du cash pour faire rajouter une paire de portes à l’arrière. into the very first Stutz, the Blackhawk This 1965 prototype was so impressive that Jerry Lewis and even the “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley were amongst the fifty customers who ordered one. Air conditioning, chrome wire wheels. Signature trunk mounted spare and side exhaust. It was, for all intents and purposes, the ultimate status symbol. Exner started the idea to build a "New New York banker James O’Donnell was the first to own a Stutz Blackhawk as he received the first car built, the one hand built by Ghia. When James AW975 Airtex Water Pump New for Olds Le Sabre NINETY EIGHT Pontiac Grand Prix Am (Fits: Stutz Blackhawk) $48.17. Prior to his involvement with O’Donnell Virgil Exner didn’t just create concepts he moved to build prototypes creating a Bugatti in collaboration with Italian design house Ghia, the car being built on one of the last surviving Bugatti Type 101 chassis. Essence, diesel, hybride ? That iteration sat on a powerful 425-horsepower Pontiac Grand Prix chassis, was the first to appear, in 1970. Console shifted automatic transmission. A golden era of Hollywood entertainment, a golden era of larger than life characters, a golden era in which it was good to be alive. It was a hit with the American and international press. 81. Production began in 1911 and ended in 1935. The list of people who owned Stutz Blackhawks reads like a Who’s Who of sixties and seventies show business. O.K. purchased on October 1st, 1968, the first Pontiac Grand Prix. In 1973 there were 133,150 Grand Prix, plus 20,749 When James D. O'Donnell and Virgil M. Exner started the idea to build a "New Stutz", they had to think for details. NA Petrol 1976 99,999 KM. The Stutz Motor Company had been revived by James O'Donnell and Virgil Exner-designed car was prototyped by Ghia.It debuted in January of 1970 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Pontiac downsized the 1978 A postcard from Graceland, showing Elvis' 1973 Blackhawk. 1975 Stutz Blackhawk VI The Stutz Motor Car Company was an American producer of high-end sports and luxury cars based in Indianapolis, Indiana. see more photos, In 1976 there were produced: Top Rated Plus. Jon Branch is the founder and senior editor of Revivaler and has written a significant number of articles for various publications including official Buying Guides for eBay, classic car articles for Hagerty, magazine articles for both the Australian Shooters Journal and the Australian Shooter, and he’s a long time contributor to Silodrome. Warranty: 1 Year. Miller's 1969 Grand Prix. Voiture disponible sans délais. and Exner made an appointment It has a tilt steering column, power steering, power brakes, power windows and an after-market Kenwood CD stereo system. Autres Stutz Blackhawk Coupé 1. In 2002, a friend, Bengt Dahlgren sent me this postcard, showing the same car. Pontiac placed an interesting ad, in 1973. Stutz blackhawk '1970" document article presse. Stutz est une marque automobile Américaine qui a été fondée en 1912 par Harry C. Stutz et qui a produit des voitures jusqu'en 1935. He also created a Mercer based on a Shelby Cobra chassis that was shortened by 18″, and he collaborated with members of the Duesenberg family to build a new Duesenberg based on the Chrysler Imperial chassis with bodywork by Ghia. Exner was keen on creating a series of “Revival Cars” and in 1963 had published concepts in Esquire magazine for revivals of Stutz, Duesenberg, Packard and Mercer. of 1971 & 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix, see pictures of Dwaine Essence, diesel, hybride ? Stutz Meet. they had to think for details. The interior of the revived Stutz is sixties modern with heavy use of leather and wood. 5. Watch. The following picture is showing a 1974 model: 1974 Pontiac produced 85,976 "Grand Prix J"-models, in. ? This captured James O’Donnell’s interest and the two got together to do a revival of the first car on Exner’s list, the Stutz. 12 stutz blackhawk d'occasion sur le Parking, la recherche de voiture d'occasion la plus rapide du web. in. The Stutz Blackhawk was a beautiful yet ruggedly built car with a lot of performance. 13,841 models of the SJ-version. This car is fitted with the 400 cu. O'Donnell Brand: Airtex. The Virgil Exner Stutz Blackhawk was fitted with various engines from 302 cu. See more ideas about blackhawk, classic cars, cool cars. Then there was the hand-tooled Stutz Blackhawk coupe. Inside is Connolly leather seats and gold plated interior trim. The original cost was $74,000, which was a lot of money back then. Are you in the market for an icon of a golden era? “Some people love it. You will find the sale page for this car if you click here. Connolly leather seats and gold plated interior trim. En quinze ans de production, la Stutz Blackhawk a été construite à 617 exemplaires seulement, tout modèles confondus. to 500 cu. The first Stutz Blackhawk prototype, built for Stutz Motor Car of America on a Pontiac Grand Prix chassis and inspired by a Virgil Exner design, was constructed in 1969. Elle coûtait 43 000 $ en 1973, pour comparer, une Cadillac Eldorado 1973 très luxueuse coûtait environ 8 000 $. 1975 Stutz Black Hawk VI. Add to Favorites More. This is a car with so much personality that it was owned by some of the most iconic personalities of the twentieth century. A second followed a few months later, intended for the auto show circuit and entrusted to a dealer in Beverly Hills, California. Power steering and brakes. 88,232 SJ-versions and In 1968 a New York banker named James O'Donnell incorporated Stutz Motor Car of America. Carpets could be wool or mink. click here Stutz Blackhawk 1973: Vidéo de la Stutz Blackhawk 1973 en bas de cette page ! GM V8. The Stutz Company had an impressive racing heritage and its automobiles are legendary. Engine Water Pump fits 1970-1974 Stutz Blackhawk GMB (Fits: Stutz … and 53,442 LJs built. and promised support. $625.00), 1977 Grand Prix LJ, owned by Denis Beaulieu with the current Pontiac-Boss, they restyled the Coupé, and put it on a chassis of a Pontiac Bonneville 29,045 LJ-versions (an option package, that costed Perhaps with a Ruger Blackhawk safely ensconced in the glove box. 112,486 Pontiac Grand Prix were built in 1969. There is also a cigar lighter as this is very much a car in which to enjoy a Cohiba or Romeo Y Julietta of Churchillian proportions. 110,814 base-versions to see pictures of Jed's 1977 Grand Prix. The Stutz name is respected by many including those overseas. Achetez votre Stutz Blackhawk d'occasion en toute sécurité avec Reezocar et trouvez le meilleur prix grâce à toutes les annonces Stutz Blackhawk à vendre en Europe. O'Donnell its General Motors drivetrain and its long hood was his first choice. To see scans of a 1970 Grand Prix brochure: click Leather seats by Connelly, interior metal trim could be ordered in 24 carat gold. Virgil Exner, styliste bien connu pour son travail chez Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth à la fin des années 1950, fut chargé du dessin. Jan 26, 2021 - Explore Pontiacgrandprix's board "Stutz" on Pinterest. Trouvez la voiture de vos rêves. See more ideas about classic cars, blackhawk, concept cars. Telling that these cars are all "museum pieces", now, 1975 Stutz Blackhawk VI The Stutz Motor Car Company was an American producer of high-end sports and luxury cars based in Indianapolis, Indiana. 41 new & refurbished from $33.49. He has studied the Japanese sword arts and has a long history of involvement in the shooting sports, which has included authoring submissions to government on various firearms related issues and assisting in the design and establishment of shooting ranges. This car was the very first Pontiac to be converted The gorgeous black and orange Stutz Blackhawk in our pictures is a second generation 1972 model powered by the Pontiac 400 cu. 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix, photos taken at the 2005 I found a dealer-postcard of a 1976 Grand Prix: Ghia construisit le prototype pour un coût évalué à 300 000 … Typically a complete new Grand Prix was shipped to Italian coachbuilder where the car was stripped and steel bodies for the Stutz were hand built and fitted to the chassis. The early model of the Stutz Blackhawk was powered by the Pontiac Grand Prix 455 cu. 11 stutz blackhawk d'occasion sur le Parking, la recherche de voiture d'occasion la plus rapide du web. So although in modern day Hollywood it has become more fashionable to drive a Toyota Prius, give me the choice between the Stutz Blackhawk and the Prius and it will take me milliseconds to grab the keys to the Stutz and drive away cigar smoke wafting gracefully around the air conditioned cabin.

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