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Half-Senate election stipulates that local council elections are to be held every four years on the For practical, political and financial reasons, a government is Act 2017[49] ACT, ‘2020 [15]. For further Queensland The poll was conducted Tuesday to Thursday from a sample of 1147. The Liberal/National Coalition will require at least nine additional votes to reach a Senate majority, an increase of three. fixed, four-year term. 11 April – 8:29 am: Prorogation of the 45th Parliament, 11 April – 8:30 am: Dissolution of the House of Representatives. 18 April – Close of electoral rolls. days after issue of writs), Close of Nominations [68] Writs for election can be issued up to ten days after a dissolution or expiry of the House. before the October date. and local government elections. The next Australian federal election will be held in or before 2022 to elect members of the 47th Parliament of Australia. Derryn Hinch won a seat, while Jacqui Lambie, Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm and Family First's Bob Day retained their seats. Tasmania Poll tracking, analysis and detailed information on federal elections. Saturday, 7 August 2021. the last Saturday within this 68 day period. [40], The South Australian House of Assembly (lower house) has a Despite the latest polls painting an ugly picture for Mr Trump, Australian Liberal Party Senator Eric Abetz believes the Republican will ultimately prevail in November. The election date is If the date clashes with a Commonwealth election, then it must be election period, Dates for latest possible election, with a maximum [26]. View the latest US election news, polls, results and voter information. which established a fixed election date. nominations close (, pre-poll voting cannot begin earlier than the fifth day after the With a national three-point two-party swing against the government, the Labor opposition picked up a significant number of previously government-held seats to gain a total of 69 seats. Act 1934[38] election dates, Table 5: Local councils—Next election been calculated based on the three year period in section 28 of the Constitution This took over a month in 2016, so practically the last possible date for a half-Senate election to take place before the three-year terms expire is 18 May 2019. ', Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Labour insider exposes Starmer's real Brexit test, Nicola Sturgeon's EU dream crushed by top economist, Labour insider claims Jeremy Corbyn was Leave's 'greatest asset', UK would've been 'second LARGEST contributor' to EU recovery fund, Insider predicts Labour will turn MORE eurosceptic in next decade, Prince William's 'heartbreaking' letter to Prince Harry exposed, Brexiteer claimed EU's bailouts are illegal amid international law row, Keir Starmer would 'tie Britain to customs union if he was PM'. during which the Senate election must be held. Electoral Act 1918). The election process is governed by both the Electoral [52]. postal votes can be received in the ACT until 23 October 2020. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. The 8 pm It concluded that if Labor could overcome economic challenges and deliver "three years of normal government... it will be better than a continuation of instability under the Coalition". [111] In Darwin, the NT News endorsed Labor, arguing the Morrison Government had "shown little to no interest" in Aboriginal affairs, an issue "which seriously threatens the future prosperity of the Northern Territory and Australia". Topic: Public Opinion Federal Poll Press Release In August support for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party was at 48%, down 5.5% since July, but well ahead of National on 28.5% (up 2%), with just over a month to go before the rescheduled election in mid-October. The Sunday and daily editions of Australian newspapers traditionally provide editorial endorsement for parties contending both federal and state elections. Government Act 1993.[59]. and the Constitution Act 1902. They are not links to the official copies of [59]. Councillors are elected for 4 Parliament—Double dissolution election, Table 4: States and territories—Next Unlike the House of Representatives, the Senate is a The dissolution election. Daniel Andrews’s government cannot be trusted to take Victoria safely out of lockdown over the next weeks and months. There are usually exceptional circumstances in which early called, though not within six months of the expiry date (currently Friday 1 Concluding that "the Coalition has neither credible policies nor a competent team", it finds that "Labor is the only party with a credible climate policy and a chance of forming government", but also giving qualified support to The Greens as its "climate policy is more ambitious than Labor’s and its tax and spending policies more redistributive". return of writs is no more than 100 days after the issue of writs (section 159 There has been only one instance of an election being held not fixed and can be called at any time with the Governor’s agreement. [114] The Canberra Times provided no endorsement, but concluded that the choice between the two major parties was "for changes that may benefit [Canberrans] personally" or "for change that has the potential to benefit those less fortunate than they are". In [95] The Sun-Herald praised Morrison as "the former advertising executive has come into his own, appearing more sure-footed and on message than in the early days of his as leader" but warned that "his single-focus strategy needs some enhancement if he has a chance of pulling off victory", while contrasting it with Labor which has "overwhelmed us with its vision and plans. writs were returned. Local Since campaigns are for a minimum of 33 days, the earliest possible date for a simultaneous House/half-Senate election was 4 August 2018. What if a federal election was held today? The most recent House-only election took place in 1972, and the most recent Senate-only election took place in 1970. Representatives election [19]. kindly upon a government that called separate elections. The Coalition claimed a two-seat majority with 77 seats, Labor finished with 68, whilst the remaining six seats were won by the Australian Greens, Centre Alliance, Katter's Australian Party and three independents. Legislation Amendment (Modernisation and Other Measures) Act 2019, elections—Simultaneous half-Senate and House of Representatives election, Table 3: Commonwealth House of Representatives election Allowing for the same stages indicated above, the last possible date for a double dissolution election would have been 4 May 2019. Early voting commences five House of Politics and Public called, to establish the latest polling date the maximum timetable period must [20][21], The final outcome in the 76-seat Senate took more than four weeks to determine, despite significant voting changes. The House therefore would expire on 29 August 2019, unless it were dissolved earlier. Source: State and territory These In the leadup to the next Australian federal election, a number of polling companies have been conducting regular opinion polls for various news organisations. They include such things as the government losing the confidence of parliament, [8]. (not later than 30 days after the date appointed for the return of the writs in November every four years. this flexibility around timings in order to ensure that the key election events The commission abolished the division of Port Adelaide. [28]. The Legislative Assembly (the lower house) has a fixed, technically Friday 20 May 2022, it would more likely be on Tuesday 24 May 2022; Senate passes a Bill with amendments ‘to which the House will not agree’. Independents: Andrew Wilkie (Clark), Helen Haines (Indi), Zali Steggall (Warringah). Local election processes are For an explanation of the electoral systems for Government Act 1989[57] Furthermore, the election would and the Commonwealth [24]. Representative and half-Senate or half-Senate only), Federal (House of Australia enforces compulsory voting and uses full-preference instant-runoff voting in single-member seats for the House of Representatives and optional preferential single transferable voting in the proportionally represented Senate. May 2022, Federal (simultaneous House of federal, state and territory jurisdictions see the Research Paper by Scott Canberra, 21 August 2007. The High Court has not expressed a by the High Court of Australia in Alley v Gillespie (2018) 353 ALR 1, [2018] HCA 11 with added updates to reflect recent legislative changes. after a parliament expired through effluxion of time. election dates 48 of the Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988 [115] The Australian wrote that "Mr Morrison’s plan errs on the side of being safe but deliverable; his policies, consistent with traditional values, do not unduly raise expectations as Mr Shorten has done". Parliament—Double dissolution election possible timetables, Table 4: States and territories—Next Section 12 of the Constitution says: "The Governor of any State may cause writs to be issued for the election of Senators for that State". held for 11 members of the Legislative Council (upper house).[42]. Local unlikely to have a maximum campaign period of 68 days or a pre-poll period of 57 remain unclear, a majority of the High Court held in Victoria v unless, subject to section 24B Administration Section, The rules limits. Simultaneous half-Senate and election was timed so that milestones such as the close of rolls or the start Once these conditions have been met, a double dissolution election can be [33], A South Australian seat was abolished due to population changes having occurred since the state's last redistribution in 2011. years, except in the case of a simultaneous dissolution of both Houses as Changes were made to the boundaries of 18 of Queensland's 30 electoral divisions, and no division names were changed. Representatives and the senators for the two territories, by the governor of each state for Senate elections for a state, or by the Speaker of the House of [27]. Government Act 1995. stipulates that, barring exceptional circumstances (for example, the date DONALD TRUMP's chances of re-election might have been hurt by coronavirus - but the American firebrand will ultimately prevail in November, Australian Senator Eric Abetz has claimed. general election for an earlier date if the Government has lost the confidence of the CEA allows the Governor-General or respective state governor to extend Section elections deferred due to the formation of new councils and were unable to See: Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC), ‘How to specific dates for the relevant election are set out in the writ):[6], A House of Representatives election can be requested at any when the next council elections are due. Returns challenging the result of the election (, Parliament must meet not later than 30 days after the date which the three-month interval is calculated. election dates are to be held on the first Saturday in May every year. [13] During crossbench negotiations, Turnbull pledged additional staff and resources for crossbenchers, and stated "It is my commitment to work in every way possible to ensure that the crossbenchers have access to all of the information they need and all of the resources they need to be able to play the role they need in this parliament". Turnbull resigned from parliament on 31 August, triggering a by-election in his former seat of Wentworth. The 45th Parliament opened on 30 August 2016[67] and its term would expire on 29 August 2019. These polls collected data on parties' primary vote, and contained an estimation of the two-party-preferred vote. declared 24 hours after nominations close (section 176 of the Commonwealth elections can be called and they vary slightly from parliament to parliament. House of Representatives, Canberra, 2018, p. 103. of the Constitution). Election 2020 Presidential Polls. [14], On 10 July, eight days after the election took place and following Turnbull's negotiations with the crossbench where he secured sufficient confidence and supply support, Shorten conceded defeat, acknowledging that the incumbent Coalition had enough seats to form either a minority or majority government. After effects of boundary redistributions for the next election,[32][33] and the 2018 Wentworth by-election, the Mackerras pendulum had the Liberal/National Coalition government on 73 of 151 seats with the Labor opposition on 72 seats and a crossbench of six seats.[33]. (at 12 pm one day after close of nominations), Pre-poll voting can begin (not The constitutional and legal provisions which impact on the choice of election dates include:[73], On 11 April 2019, the office of the Governor-General released documents relating to the calling of the election. Queensland and the territories are [45], According to section 38A 12 of the Constitution requires the writs for Senate elections to be "Surely, his methodology is unorthodox, but in fairness that is how he won the election in the first place.". general election was held’. "Coalition bounces back as voters desert Labor", "Newspoll: Scott Morrison's numbers dip as voters back premiers' rights", "L-NP (54%) widens lead over ALP (46%) in mid-August as Victoria and NSW grapple with second wave of COVID-19", "Scott Morrison weathers storm as virus wreaks havoc", "L-NP (51.5%) increases lead over ALP (48.5%) in mid-July as second wave of COVID-19 hits Victoria", "Morrison flying high as Coalition drives recovery", "Record approval for PM as by-election looms in Eden", "L-NP (50.5%) holds narrow lead over ALP (49.5%) a week before the Eden-Monaro by-election", "Newspoll: PM's record approval rating defies bad news", "Newspoll: Coalition rides wave of support as fears subside", "L-NP (51.5%) now ahead of ALP (48.5%) and Government Confidence soars 34pts in April as Australia faces COVID-19", "Newspoll: Support for PM soars, but Coalition flatlines", "Newspoll: Record turnaround for Scott Morrison and universal support for wage subsidy", "Scott Morrison backed but voters fearful over economy, health", "Coalition closes gap on Labor, Albanese slides", "Exposure and the impact on attitudes of the 2019-20 bushfires", "Newspoll: Coalition vote gets burnt by fires, rorts", "Newspoll: Scott Morrison takes a hit in bushfires backlash", "Newspoll: Coalition on a high but Albanese claws back voter support", "Newspoll: The Coalition nudges ahead in poll revamp", "Newspoll: Polling changes with the aim of getting it right", "Newspoll: ALP draws level as drought hits hard", "Coalition shrugs off critics, keeps ALP at bay", "Newspoll: ALP sheds support but Albanese turns tide", "Slide puts Albanese into negative territory", "Newspoll: Post-poll reality check for Coalition", "Election 2019: Scott Morrison gets Post election surge as voters swing behind him", "Essential poll: Australians more worried about stopping Covid spread than reviving economy", "Guardian essential poll: government approval takes a knock as anxiety over coronavirus rises", "Essential poll: Scott Morrison's handling of Covid-19 continues to win approval", "Essential poll: Australians warm to easing of Covid-19 restrictions but are divided on schools", "Guardian Essential poll: coronavirus response boosts Scott Morrison's approval rating", "Newspoll: Scott Morrison backed but voters fearful over economy, health", "Newspoll: Coalition closes gap on Labor, Anthony Albanese slides", "Essential poll: Morrison gets thumbs up from voters but overall disapproval rises", "Essential poll: voters divided on PM's plan to crack down on environmental protests", "Subscribe to The Australian | Newspaper home delivery, website, iPad, iPhone & Android apps", "Labor fails to win back the middle and males Newspoll finds", "Government Confidence jumps after L-NP win Election",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 September 2020, at 22:54. government, parliament failing to pass a ‘Bill of special importance’ on two considered in that year. ", "How the night unfolded with no clear winner", "Election 2016: Ballot count could take a month to finalise, AEC says", "Australian federal election 2016: No results until at least ... Tuesday", "Liberals 'cautiously optimistic' on majority", "Australian federal election 2016: Bill Shorten says Malcolm Turnbull 'should quit, "Bill Shorten predicts second poll as Cathy McGowan offers Coaltion support", "Malcolm Turnbull claims victory after Bill Shorten concedes defeat", "Election 2016: Malcolm Turnbull claims victory after Bill Shorten concedes defeat", "Election 2016: LNP retains Capricornia, gives Coalition 76-seat majority government", "Australian Politics and Elections Database: University of Western Australia", "Statement from the Australian Electoral Commission: Recount in the Division of Herbert", "Labor wins seat of Herbert after recount", "Labor takes seat of Herbert, leaving Malcolm Turnbull with majority of just one seat", "Election 2016 results: Senate count throws up a wild mix as One Nation, Fred Nile, Liberal Democrats vie for seats", "Senate terms: Derryn Hinch and Greens' Lee Rhiannon given three years", "Coalition and Labor team up to clear out crossbench senators in 2019", "View from The Hill: Section 44 remains a constitutional trip wire that should be addressed", "Malcolm Turnbull formally resigns, forces byelection", "It's time to 'take out' environment ministers who fail on climate, says Oliver Yates", "Zali Steggall promises climate change fight with Tony Abbott in Warringah", "Gai Brodtmann to resign, citing personal reasons", "Labor's Danby to retire from marginal seat", "Kate Ellis, Labor frontbencher, to quit politics at next federal election", "Veteran Labor MP Jenny Macklin announces retirement after 22-year career", "Qld Labor senator Claire Moore to retire", "Former foreign minister Julie Bishop announces resignation from Parliament", "Gold Coast Federal Minister Steven Ciobo quitting politics", "Steven Ciobo confirms he's quitting politics, speculation mounts Christopher Pyne gone too", "Major blow for Liberal Party as Michael Keenan announces he's quitting politics", "Turnbull lieutenant Craig Laundy quits, months after moving to backbench", "Minister for Women Kelly O'Dwyer quitting federal politics in shock resignation", "Jane Prentice loses LNP preselection for Queensland seat of Ryan", "Outgoing Queensland LNP MP slams "treachery and lies" in candidates", "Christopher Pyne bows out of politics as Morrison reshuffles Cabinet", "Federal Liberal MP Ann Sudmalis quits over branch stacking, undermining", "Andrew Broad: Nationals MP quits amid sugar baby scandal", "Coffs MP Luke Hartsuyker calling it a day", "LNP dumps Ian Macdonald and Barry O'Sullivan from Senate ticket", "Scullion to join fellow ministers Keenan and O'Dwyer in quitting politics", "Election 2016: Wacka pleased with Senate ticket rank", "How the polls got it so wrong predicting a Labor victory", "Why the opinion polls were always wrong and how we should have spotted it", "Final poll wrap: Race tightens in Ipsos and Dutton just ahead in Dickson, plus many more seat polls", "Federal election 2019: Prime Minister Scott Morrison sets May 18 election date", "Documents relating to the calling of the election for 18 May 2019", "Proclamation - Prorogue the Parliament and dissolve the House of Reps", "Commonwealth Of Australia Constitution Act – Section 28", "Determination of membership entitlement to the House of Representatives", "Media release: Augmented Electoral Commission decides names and boundaries of federal electoral divisions in the Northern Territory", "Tasmanian redistribution indicative timetable", "Names and boundaries of federal electoral divisions in Tasmania decided", "Queensland redistribution indicative timetable", "Step 6 – announcement of names and boundaries of federal electoral divisions in the Australian Capital Territory", "Proposed federal electoral divisions for ACT released", "2017-18 Federal Redistribution - Australian Capital Territory", "2017-18 Federal Redistributions - Victoria", "Names and boundaries of federal electoral divisions in Victoria decided", "Electoral redistributions during the 45th Parliament: APH Statistics and Mapping", "South Australia to potentially lose federal seat under future redistribution", "South Australia set to be reduced to 10 federal electorates", "Electoral Commission scraps seat of Port Adelaide held by Labor MP Mark Butler", "Proposed federal electoral divisions for South Australia released", "2017-18 Federal Redistribution - South Australia", "Federal electoral divisions in South Australia formalised", "Whatever the election result, we must tackle climate emergency", "It's time for a steady hand, not uncertain, radical change", "Australians can't afford a reckless pursuit of utopia", "Crucial final chance to engage a wary electorate", "Most Sunday papers back vote for Morrison", "Our state's safest bet at key turning point", "Shorten has made a compelling case for change", "Nation needs stability now and growth for the future", "For all its faults, the Coalition faces in the right policy direction", "The Telegraph says: Steady hand on the tiller beats rhetoric", "Obvious choice to ensure sitting members keep up the good work", "The Guardian view on the Australian election: vote on the climate emergency", "Liberals have a tough fight in the election which will shape Australia", "Voting is a privilege so do your research", "Voting Labor on Saturday is best for the Northern Territory as Bill Shorten looks likely to become our new Prime Minister", "Shorten's united team will end years of instability", "NT News breaks ranks as only News Corp paper to endorse Bill Shorten", "Anthony Albanese to become Labor's new leader unopposed following shock federal election loss", "Chris Bowen pulls out of Labor leadership battle after party's election defeat", "Bolsonaro parabeniza primeiro-ministro da Austrália por vitória", "PM Modi congratulates Scott Morrison on his victory in elections", "Jacinda Ardern and Donald Trump both congratulate Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on election win", "What does the Australian election mean for NZ? Further dissatisfaction within the Liberal Party saw a number of centrist and economically-liberal candidates announce that they would nominate as independents in wealthy electorates, with a specific focus on "addressing climate change".[30][31]. The term of the House of Representatives starts on the first sitting day of the House following its election, which in the case of the 45th Parliament was 30 August 2016. 2017–18, Parliamentary Library, Canberra, 2018. government election results’, NSWEC website, last updated 18 October 2019. [115] The Sydney Morning Herald called for voters to bring an end to the "cycle of instability". elections for local councils must be held every four years on the last business Three Victorian Liberal candidates had to withdraw based on section 44 issues.[28]. 57 of the Constitution provides that both houses may be According to Section 5 of the Local The election had been called following the dissolution of the 45th Parliament as elected at the 2016 double dissolution federal election. Government Act 1995[54] Parliamentary Library staff are available to discuss the contents of publications with Senators and Members and their staff. It expressed doubts with some aspects of Labor's economic policy, warning that "with the economy facing headwinds, people want solid, sensible government – not a revolution." The latest Newspoll, published in The Australian, which could also mark the easing of gathering and aged care visiting restrictions in the southeast. S Bennett Section It also wrote positively of "credible independent candidates who could make positive contributions in the parliament". In 2019, as the earliest. Any concerns or complaints should be directed to the Parliamentary Librarian. writs), Pre-poll voting can begin July 2022) for the House of Representatives. of the Constitution Act 1902,[47] Territory (Self-Government) Act 1978[28] month as a general election of members of the Commonwealth House of The Constitution of Australia does not require simultaneous elections for the Senate and the House of Representatives, but it has long been preferred that elections for the two houses take place simultaneously. He also previously served as Special Minister of State in the Howard Government from 2001 to 2006 and as Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation from 2006 to 2007. "He undertook the economic miracle the US needed prior to coronavirus. dates on which it may occur. and R Lundie, Australian with its legislative program, the Governor-General is highly unlikely to agree Saturday 21 May 2022, so the latest possible date for a simultaneous How has polling changed since the election? [59], During the ABC's election coverage, election analyst Antony Green stated, "at the moment, on these figures, it's a bit of a spectacular failure of opinion polling", with the election results essentially a mirror image of the polls with the Coalition's two-party vote at around 51%. All four newspapers published by News Corp Australia (Melbourne's Sunday Herald Sun, Adelaide's Sunday Mail, Brisbane's The Sunday Mail and Sydney's The Sunday Telegraph) endorsed the Coalition. Since the previous election in 2016, there was a reapportionment of seats of the House of Representatives, as well as three scheduled redistributions of electoral boundaries. [79], A scheduled redistribution began in Tasmania on 1 September 2016,[80] with the determinations announced on 27 September 2017. This occurred in 1910. Commission SA (ECSA), ‘Council elections’, issued by the State Governors, these writs may not necessarily be issued on the less than the fifth day after the declaration of nominations), Polling Day (on the Government has lost the confidence of the Assembly or an appropriation Bill The process for conducting local council elections

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