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A shot list template is an important document wherein you make a list of all the shots you want to get on a day of shooting. A shot list is an opportunity for the director and DoP to work together and think about how to visually tell the story in the script shot by shot. Image via Gorodenkoff. With a good shot list, no matter what disaster strikes, you can make sure you get complete coverage — the types of shots the editor needs to cut together a coherent story.. Advanced Shot List – PDF. It’s your job to give them the “stage” so you can shine. However, this is different from the screenplay since it breaks down each shot and includes detailed cinematography instructions. How to Create a Photography Shot List. Make the horizontal/vertical ratio 4 to 3 (4:3) for conventional video or 16:9 for wide screen. To ensure that you cover off everything that you want to shoot on the venue on that day, it is important that you create a shot list that provides you a detailed checklist of the scenario or angle that you want to take. It is important to note that every shot that is included in your shot list must have a specific purpose for pushing the narrative of the film forward. The shot list is one of the first things you create after the screenplay is finalized. Film sets are hectic places where everything that can go wrong often does. The photographer’s job is to make you look like you. You should make your shot list after finishing your script, at the same time as creating your storyboard. A shot list helps a director get everything organized on paper, plus the ability to check off what they captured as the day progressed. Your shot list will help you visualise what you want. An interactive PDF file, which you can fill out on your computer, save, print and email to your crew. The document contains all of the important details for each of the shots. Here’s one tested method to try next time you break a script down into a shot list. This would also help you in preparing and packing only the necessary things for the shoot. Top image via Delta Film Academy. It’s similar to the director’s shooting script. It usually contains a list of specific shots, some visual references and extra details like camera angles or lighting set-up so you don't forget a thing. More versatile than our basic Camera Shot List, this new, improved Shot List packs in more functionality.Read more about the features below. A shot list is a detailed list of every camera shot that needs to be captured in a scene of a video production. Reading Time: 4 minutes In this article, we give you a basic guide on how to create a camera shot list, including a free template at the end. There are a few different ways to create a shot list, but what matters most is that you take the time to do it. One vital part of pre-production is the creation of a shot list.. And there are lots of benefits to using a camera shot list. But a clearly defined shot list will make sure nothing slips through the cracks. A shot list is a simple checklist of every photo you (and you client) want to capture on the day of a shoot. It'll make it easier to organise the cast, crew, equipment, and locations that bring your vision to life. The film shot list template is also a strategic document you can use to communicate your vision clearly to your team. Not only does the shot list give you a concrete list to check off from, but it keeps the rest of the crew on the same page, as well. Organization is key to a successful production. Leave enough space to write under each frame. How to use the Advanced Shot List. Unless you have a history with the photographer, they likely don’t know much about you, so a shot list is a great way to get them up to speed on every action and location that speaks to you. A good shot list covers all the details. To make a board from scratch, draw between six and 12 rectangles on a virtual sheet of paper (any word processor or paint program’ll do it for you).

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