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Sélectionnez une option ci-dessous pour visualiser l’itinéraire étape par … Les places dEstoril et de Cascais sont également accessibles en train, mais depuis la station Cais do Sodré , près du centre de Lisbonne. La durée moyenne d’un trajet entre l’aéroport de Lisbonne et le centre ville est de 30 à 35 minutes. Nevertheless, the user is authorised to download and/or print out the information for private and non-commercial purposes. When you decide to acquire a service, you have access to the website www.mbnet.pt, where you can generate a credit card number, and define the maximum amount of the transaction. However, such withdrawal does not compromise the lawfulness of any processing done, based on prior consent. Il dispose d'un terminal. De nombreux sites font encore référence à ce nom « Portela » pour parler de l’aéroport de Lisbonne. Users have the right to request that ANA allows them access to their personal data, and acknowledges their right to its portability, rectification and erasure. You can also confirm if the secure session certificate belongs to ANA, Aeroportos de Portugal, SA, by checking the information in the window which opens after clicking on the padlock); -  To ensure that the browser is closed before leaving the computer unattended; -  To make sure that the computer or computer network used to access www.ana.pt is free of viruses and spyware. Such actions are not allowed without the previous consent of ANA or the above mentioned possible licensees. Users can, however, create and distribute links for the pages of www.ana.pt. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; ANA may, at any time and based on the criteria it may deem appropriate, terminate the access of the user to the website www.ana.pt. ANA has designated a Data Protection Officer, who can be contacted directly via letter at: ANA-AEROPORTOS DE PORTUGAL, S. A. – DPO. In case the user shall need any clarification regarding any advertised product or service, should contact the related advertiser.Â. I want to be notified about promotions, offers and news concerning my airport. If the request is denied, you may contact your bank or card issuer for further clarification. Lisbonne n’a qu’un seul aéroport, qui se trouve à 7 km au nord du centre historique. Whenever a client books a service they will receive a confirmation e-mail with the voucher and an e-mail with the invoice. All information provided at the advertisements or the final websites of the links shown at www.ana.pt or its mobile version are of the exclusive responsibility of the advertisers. In such case, these processors are obliged to provide sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures in such a manner that processing will meet the legal requirements and ensure the protection of the rights of the data subject, namely with regard to security and confidentiality. The website’s purpose is to provide commercial and operating information considered relevant to the users of the Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Madeira and Azores airports. © 2016 ANA Aeroportos de Portugal. Ceci ne saurait en aucun cas engager la responsabilité de l'aéroport. Entering the park using the “Via Verde” system prevents the use of the voucher. The service operates between 5:00 AM and 11:00 PM, with a maximum use time of 3 hours. CheckMyBus est là pour vous ! To cancel/reschedule the booking, clients should contact our services through the phone number 808 919 091 and follow the instructions provided by the operator, or send an email to: -  Bookings for Lisbon Airport: lisboapark@ana.pt Â, -  Bookings for Porto Airport: portopark@ana.pt, -  Bookings for Faro Airport: faropark@ana.pt, - Bookings for Madeira Airport: madeirapark@ana.pt. Cookies are small data files stored on your computer through the browser. p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); Ce nom a été officiel le 15 mai 2016, il est donc tout récent. As such, ANA aims to safeguard the rights of data subjects by protecting personal data against unauthorized access, misuse, loss or destruction. The personal data we collect is used to provide services, manage customers and fulfil legal and tax obligations. -  To refrain from sharing their username or password; -  Not to make a note of the password or username in easy access places (diary, computer, etc. Later cancellations and reschedules shall not be refunded. ANA would like to point out that the “Fast Track” – although it makes getting to your flight faster, with less time waiting in line – does not replace or shorten mandatory procedures such as check in, security or boarding. Départ. When needed, and in order to meet its legal obligations, ANA may allow legal, public security, tax or regulatory authorities to access the users’ personal data. The Voucher can be used only once and only grants access to the park and parking area, on a first-come-first-serve basis, except if mentioned otherwise. Aéroport de Lisbonne-Portela (LIS) – Arrivées en temps réel. If you want to use your waiting time to get ahead, the “ANA Lounge” has everything you need to work comfortably and efficiently.  While waiting for your flight, you can also stay in tune with the latest news with channels, newspapers and magazines telling everything that’s going on, everywhere. Only png, jpg, gif, pdf are allowed! Users who do not agree to these terms and conditions may not continue to use this website or book any services through it. Aller à Lisbonne depuis … You just need to adhere to MBnet in an ATM machine or through your home banking. Aérobus Ligne 1 – Aéroport / Cais de Sodré : Départ toutes les 20 minutes de 8h à 21h. Aérobus Ligne 2 – Aéroport / Sete Rios : Départ … Liste des vols du jour. Détendez-vous dans les boutiques de l'aéroport ou mangez quelque chose dans un de ses nombreux restaurants et bars, en attendant votre vol au départ de Lisbonne. This service is available in the airports of Lisbon and Porto, and it may be booked through the website www.ana.pt. Prices and existing types of parking that are shown on the website, are subject to change and updates without previous warning. All rights reserved. Size must be less then 2MB. ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, S. A. Fast Track service is the solution for passengers who have no time to lose, or wish to make the most of every moment at the airport without any stress or queuing. Le centre-ville de Lisbonne (Baixa-Chiado) se trouve à 7 km de laéroport, le trajet en voiture dure environ 15 minutes. The client should collect the ticket issued when entering the park and keep it until exiting. L'Aéroport Marseille Provence ne saurait être tenu responsable d'une erreur d'affichage. Departing, arriving, waiting or in transit, Lisbon Airport is part of your journey, Everything you need to prepare a great trip, Getting to and from the airport hassle-free, If you are travelling to Portugal you must fill in the mandatory form, All the support you need during your trip, New baggage sanitizing and protection service, Stores and flavours that brighten up your trip. The parking booking and its use does not dispense the consultation of the park regulation in force, available for consultation on the manual payment cashiers. ); -  At the time of accessing the payment page or the pages for editing personal data, to confirm that the browser is in secure session (in this case, the browser bar will show a specific symbol and padlock, and the website address will begin with "https://"). The “ANA Lounge” was created with comfort and convenience in mind for frequent flyers seeking a unique experience. If ANA decides to modify its privacy policy, this web page will be updated. Claim up to 600 € compensation for flight cancellations and delays! Parking spots are not marked, unless otherwise indicated. sur les vols du jour, de la veille et du lendemain (retard, avance, annulation, etc.) The contact information provided by the user on the form will be used exclusively for the purpose of sending him/her information and updates regarding the service in question. s.type = 'text/javascript'; Attention ! L'aéroport de Cabo Ruivo, qui se trouvait à l'emplacement de l'actuel Parq… Retour. The relationship between ANA and all users will be governed by the new version published. Horaires des avions au départ de Lisbonne. Personal data will be stored for no longer than necessary for the purpose for which the personal data were processed, notwithstanding data retention periods provided for by the law. In the case of retailers, ANA also monitors the feedback of the users regarding the products and the retailers, as long as such feedback is provided through the “Client Support/Suggestions” system. In case the parking entrance is equipped with a bar code/QR Code reader, you should pass the voucher on the reader and collect the ticket. Credit card bookings are subject to confirmation by RedUnicre. Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them! Fast Track service is the solution for passengers who have no time to lose, or wish to make the most of every moment at the airport without any stress or queuing. If you used the bar code/QR Code reader to enter the park, you should make sure that the booked time was not exceeded. We alert that, in case of strike, the Fast Track channel may be conditioned and another channel may be made available for use. ANA has a wide variety of parking offers. You may book the ValetXpress service in two ways: -  On the internet, when making your parking booking. Information Horaires, Tableau des vols Départs à l'Aéroport Paris-Orly (Terminal Orly-Ouest et Orly-Sud). This is a priority lane allowing for speedy security control. The currency used as basis for the prices of the services mentioned is Euro, and the final purchase takes place in Euros. Even though, ANA may not, explicitly or implicitly, guarantee that the information contained in this website is complete and accurate, or that the website will not be subject to delays or interruptions. Nos avions en partance ou à l'arrivée de l'aéroport de Portela à Lisbonne ne … In such case you should pay for the exceeding amount before leaving the park, otherwise you may proceed to the exit. Looking for an unique experience at the airport? Atterrissage et décollage en temps réel, réservation d'hôtel, informations météorologiques et … Similarly, ANA shall not be liable by the services and/or products offered by third parties through this website. The data controller is ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal, S. A. Rua D, Edifício 120, Aeroporto de Lisboa. Those of you who are planning a trip to Lisbon will need to ensure that you have transportation ready once you land, and this is where our Lisbon … (hereinafter mentioned as ANA). I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. To do so, the user must expressly indicate this by selecting the corresponding option on the service application form. Users may lodge a complaint with the Portuguese supervisory authority (Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados) without prejudice to the right to contact ANA’s Data Protection Officer with regard to all issues related to processing of their personal data and to the exercise of their rights. Trouver un vol Aéroport Lisbonne. Un test Covid-19 doit être effectué 72h avant le départ. When you make the payment, the purchase amount, up to such defined limit, shall be debited in your bank account. The personal data we collect will not be transmitted to third parties without the express consent of the data subject, except when the requested service so requires, in which case ANA will request these third parties to use appropriate technical and organizational measures to fulfil the legal requirements and ensure the protection of the rights of the data subject, namely with regard to security and confidentiality. These technical and organizational measures are regularly tested, assessed and evaluated, in order to ensure the security of the processing. Vols directs uniquement. The voucher must be printed out and delivered when entering the Lounge. Top-notch reception is our priority. The personal data collected is essential for ANA to provide the service. This website cannot be shown embedded in other websites that do not belong to ANA. This Privacy Policy is supplemented by its Terms and Conditions. -  At the counter, in the Departures area. If the booked services will not be used, for reasons beyond the responsibility of ANA, there will be no refund. The link to the payment pages of www.ana.pt uses a series of security methods and measures to protect the personal information of our users. Such policies may be subject to change whenever ANA considers necessary. All advertisements, promotions and other contents (including the reference buttons and hyperlinks) do not constitute any recommendation or endorsement from our part regarding the promoted good, service, or final website of the link. Such resources are available only for the convenience of the users and do not constitute an endorsement to such websites or their contents. We collect the users’ personal data when they book any of the services available at our airports, by filling out a form. This service is available at the airports of Lisbon and Porto, and may be reserved through the website www.ana.pt. PUBLICITY, PROMOTION AND THIRD PARTIES CONTENTS. Les infrastructures et services proposés par laéroport de Lisbonne sont très typiques de ce que lon voit dans tous les grands aéroports internationaux. Information complémentaire. Clients may cancel/reschedule the booking with no added cost, up to 24 hours before the day of the booking. Please also note that ANA reserves the right to change the content of this website at any time. There is no need to hold a credit card. Who is responsible for processing personal data? You can consult ANA's Cookie Policy here. The website www.ana.pt is monitored by specific tools to detect and eliminate potential cyber-attacks. Check compensation!. Aéroport Lisbonne. Vous pouvez visualiser le numéro de vol, l'aéroport d'arrivée, l'avion de ligne, l'heure de départ et l'état de vol actuel de chaque vol… ANA is committed to ensuring the privacy and protection of the personal data of all those who relate with ANA, namely users of the website www.ana.pt. (function(d, sc, u) { Claim up to 600 € compensation for flight cancellations and delays! Les vols TAP au départ de Lisbonne partent de l'aéroport de Portela de Lisbonne (LIS), l'une des plaques tournantes de TAP. The website www.ana.pt is constantly monitored by specific tools to detect and eliminate potential cyber-attacks. This is a priority lane allowing for speedy security control. Vous devez voyagez depuis l´aéroport de Lisbonne au Portugal ?  If the booked services will not be used, for reasons beyond the responsibility of ANA, there will be no refund. Laéroport Humberto Delgado ou aéroport de Lisbonne (code AITA : LIS  code OACI : LPPT) se situe à Lisbonne et est le plus important aéroport portugais en volume de trafic aérien. These offers vary according to the parks chosen and are limited to the number of available parking spaces. Horaires des vols, compagnie aérienne, numéro du vol, retards, annulations. ANA develops its best endeavours so that the information contained on this website is accurate and complete. Any user attempting to use a payment method without authorization, if found by ANA, will be removed by ANA and prohibited from using the services at www.ana.pt. ANA shall implement adequate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk, namely with regard to security and confidentiality, in order to protect users’ personal data against unauthorized and unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction, disclosure, damaged or alteration. ANA reserves the right to approve or deny these links. Prices shown on the website are subject to change and updates without previous warning. Découvrez ci-dessous les horaires des avions au départ de Lisbonne en temps réel. ATTENTION: New procedures for arriving and departing passengers, from 00h on 31 January. Users may choose to receive promotional content, such as newsletters, via email.

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